Women's Self Defense

Whether it be in your home by someone you know, or in the street at the hands of a stranger, violence against women in South Africa is at an all time high. This course has been created for women aged 16 years and up who are wanting to learn self defense skills as a means of empowerment.

The majority of all attacks end up on the ground. This course uses mixed martial arts principles to teach women how to defend themselves against an attack starting from the feet and moving into various situations on the ground. The course runs weekly in small female only classes for 6 weeks. The program will teach the mechanics needed to overcome and escape a larger, stronger, untrained attacker.

Next one starts 10 July

6 weeks women’s self defence course. Every sat 12pm. Price: R1200

** We dont believe in once off self defense workshops that bombard you with info and leave you feeling overwhelmed. We also do not believe in using free once off workshops as a means to market our business. We take women's self defense very seriously and believe it is only possible to effectively apply the skills learnt in these sessions, through building muscle memory. It is because of this belief that we have created a 6 week course.**

Course fee: R1200

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Pride Fighting Academy Women's Self Defence Class