Fight Fit Challenge

6 week fighting fit challenge 2020

"A goal is just a dream without a deadline and there is no deadline more real than that of knowing you have to step into a combat sports tournament on a certain date, and at a certain weight!"
Jess Mouneimne
Jess Mouneimne
Jess Mouneimne

There is no doubt that anyone training for a fight sees dramatic change in their physical body while they sharpen their skills through a fight camp.

Kickstart the year on the right foot with our 6 week fighting fit challenge that will simulate a typical fight camp. This program is guaranteed to get your 2020 fitness goals kickstarted like nothing else has before.

What you can expect:

  • One on One coaching & goal mapping session
  • 60 min strength & conditioning fighter training 3x per week in a small group environment
  • Lose fat, build muscle, get fitter
  • Eating plan provided  and/ or meals prepped daily
  • Unlimited online coaching
  • Weekly progress check ins

This program is for you if:

  • You are moderately fit and want to take your fitness up a notch
  • Keen for a new challenge that will push you outside of your comfort zone
  • Feel like you need to be held more accountable where your health & fitness is concerned.

Keen to start 2020 in the best shape of your life?

Program lead by Co-owner of the Pride Fighting Academy, Jess Mouneimne.

Jess has a diploma in Sports and Exercise nutrition and is a certified yoga teacher. Jess is competitive on the BJJ & MMA local scene and has a passion for training & uplifting women. She teaches women’s Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu, self-defense as well as yoga group classes. Jess is a female-focused personal trainer, helping women of all shapes and sizes reach their health goals.

The course will start:
Monday 24 Feb 2020 - 8:30AM.
Meal prep billed separately.
Classes run every Monday, Wed and Fri for 6 weeks.
Investment: R2000.

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