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Since November 2001

Pride Fighting Academy is a mixed martial arts training facility that focuses on developing the skills of Boxing, Muay-Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, MMA and combat sports conditioning.

We offer a world-class training facility in an inclusive and welcoming family environment

Muay Thai

Boxing & Muay Thai

These devastating striking arts are aerobic intense and build speed, power and endurance while learning a new skill. These classes are suitable for both men & women of all skill levels.

Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts - MMA

Our MMA sessions are designed to teach students how to combine and transition between grappling and striking elements.

Muay Thai

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Wrestling

Classes cater to all levels from beginners to advanced. We offer Gi and No Gi Jiu-Jitsu as well as wrestling to ensure a well rounded grappling system.

Yoga & Animal Flow


These classes focus on complimentary movement & rehab that aims to add strength, flexibility & mobility to existing primary disciplines such as boxing and BJJ.

Training Schedule

Monday to Saturday

06:00BoxingMuay ThaiBoxingMuay ThaiAdvanced MMA
06:00Beginners MMANo Gi BJJBeginners MMANo Gi BJJ
07:00Wrestling for BJJWrestling for BJJ
09:00Beginners BJJ
09:00Muay Thai
10:00Boxing & Sparring
10:45BJJ - Open Mat
12:30BJJ - GiBJJ - GiBJJ - Gi
15:30Kids MMAKids Gi BJJKids MMAKids Gi BJJ
16:30Ladies KickboxingBeginners No Gi BJJLadies KickboxingBeginners No Gi BJJ
17:30No Gi BJJBJJ - GiNo Gi BJJBJJ - GiNo Gi BJJ
18:00Muay ThaiBoxingMuay ThaiBoxingBoxing
19:00Wrestling for MMAAdvanced MMAWrestling for MMA
PFA Training Schedule

View and download the PFA Infection Control Standard Operating Procedures. The purpose of the SOPs are to create a safe training environment for all our gym members and staff. All members are required to read and adhere to the PFA SOPs.

Membership Fees



  • R350 Joining Fee
  • Unlimited Training
  • Boxing
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • MMA & No-Gi BJJ
  • Muay Thai
  • R850 / month on 12 month contract

MMA Standard


  • R500 Joining Fee
  • Unlimited Training
  • Boxing
  • Jiu-Jitsu (Gi & No-Gi)
  • MMA Conditioning
  • Muay Thai
  • R950 / month on 12 month contract

Private Classes

R450 / session

  • Packages of 10 sessions upfront starting at R450 per session
  • Once off 1 to 1: R500
  • PFA members get discounted rate
  • Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu
  • MMA, Muay Thai
  • Strength and Conditioning

6 Month Contract


  • 6 month cash upfront contract
  • Unlimited Training
  • Boxing
  • Jiu-Jitsu (Gi & No-Gi)
  • MMA Conditioning
  • Muay Thai

3 Month Contract


  • 3 month cash upfront contract
  • Unlimited Training
  • Boxing
  • Jiu-Jitsu (Gi & No-Gi)
  • MMA Conditioning
  • Muay Thai

1 Month Contract


  • R1800 for once off month
  • Unlimited Training
  • Boxing
  • Jiu-Jitsu (Gi & No-Gi)
  • MMA Conditioning
  • Muay Thai

Pride Fighting Academy Coaches

Micheal Mouneimne

Mike is a Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu first degree black belt and a Mixed Martial Arts specialist. He is the head coach and founder of PFA and has been involved in combat sports since the age of seven. He is a passionate coach who has built championship fighters in both MMA and boxing. Mike has adapted his wrestling and grappling skills into rugby specific training with a focus on contact and collision situations. He has worked with schoolboy, varsity and professional rugby teams, some of which include, SACS, Bishops, UCT, and the DHL Stormers and Western Province.

Micheal Mouneimne

Jess Mouneimne

Co-owner of the gym, Jess has a diploma in Sports and Exercise nutrition and is a certified yoga teacher. Jess is a Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu brown belt and is competitive on the BJJ & MMA local scene and has a passion for training & uplifting women. She runs various strength & conditioning programs at PFA and teaches beginners BJJ, Women's self-defense as well as yoga. Jess is a female-focused personal trainer, helping women of all shapes and sizes reach their health goals.

Jess Mouneimne

Banele Mniki (Star)

Star (affectionately known as Starbucks for his great coffee) is our PFA's manager and our resident barista at Ringside Cafe. Besides ensuring that members are well caffeinated, Star is a passionate boxer, and coaches boxing and Muay Thai and is available for one one one fitness classes.

Banele Mniki (Star)

Chris Ingram

Chris is one of the very early members of PFA. A black belt in BJJ, Chris is passionate about passing on his knowledge. He does this through outreach programs in Hout Bay and teaches the daily 1pm BJJ class as well as Sat 10am.

Chris Ingram - PFA Coach

Jailson Sousa

A competitive black belt under Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu Teresina, Jailson is a IBJJF champion as well as Pro Africa UAEJJF champion to name a few. His focus is competition prep and is also great with children and beginners.

Jailson Sousa

Erick Kaboja

Erick is a seasoned boxing trainer with a wealth of experience in coaching both beginners and pro fighters. Erick teaches both private classes as well as the daily 6:30 pm boxing class.

Erick Kaboja - PFA Coach

Vukile Magwaca

Vukile is a boxing coach at PFA. He is a decorated professional boxer, ranked number 15 in the world. He has won championship belts for: WBF all African, IBO Intercontinental, WBA, International WBF world title and the IBF international. Vukile teaches high energy group boxing classes accessible to all levels, but also works with amatuer and professional fighters. He is available for privates.

Vukile Magwaca - PFA Coach

Ryan Cockeran

Ryan is a kickboxing and Muay Thai fighter and BJJ purple belt. He is a qualified personal trainer with a special interest in calisthenics and MMA movement patterns. Ryan teaches Muay Thai and MMA group classes as well as running the kids programme.

Ryan - PFA Coach

Mischka Laubscher

Mischka is a seasoned combat sports competitor and personal trainer. She is the 2022 IMMAF African Champion and recently made her professional MMA debut. With a black belt in Kickboxing and a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mischka is a personal trainer with a special interest in teaching women’s and kids kickboxing and BJJ.

Mischka - PFA Coach

Chester Kruger

Chester is a seasoned Muay Thai and K1 fighter and coach. He received his SAKA/WAKO Kickboxing 1st Dan Black Belt in November 2015. He currently runs the morning Muay Thai sessions. He focuses on high intensity and high impact drills, while Friday morning classes are focused on more complex technique. His classes are followed by 30 minutes of technical sparring and/or rehearsing the Wai Kru.

Chester Kruger - PFA Coach

Reagan Erasmus

Reagan has 16 years of wrestling experience and has been coaching since 2015. As a competitive wrestler, Reagan is a decorated athlete having medalled in local and international championships numerous times. Reagan placed third in the Commonwealth Champs as a junior and has represented South Africa in the Singapore and African Champs. He teaches wrestling at PFA and is available for private training.

Reagan Erasmus

Tumelo Manyamala

Tumelo is a seasoned professional MMA fighter and coach. He is well versed in striking and a BJJ purple belt. He currently heads up the kids MMA and BJJ program. Tumelo is passionate about working 1:1 with clients wanting to learn MMA at any level.

Tumelo Manyamala - PFA Coach

Aseko Nocele (Prince)

Prince is a young but very experienced professional boxer who started fighting at five years old. He teaches both group and 1:1 boxing and fitness classes for all levels.

Aseko Nocelo (Prince) PFA Coach

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